Program T-HPV 001  –  will confirm the clinical efficacy of TriCurin TM  HPV infection & HPV (+) tumors  (cervix, oral, anal, penile)

Our first phase I clinical trial will study the effect of intravaginal TriCurin TM cream in women with cervical HPV infection.  (start date, fall 2017)


TriCurin™ Products

Intra-vaginal cream

For cervical HPV infection & pre-cancer

Intratumor injection

Local delivery for Intratumor injection

Topical Cream

Skin warts

Medicinal Lollipop

Local delivery for oral HPV infection

Stage of Development

Clinical development program for TriCurin will first examine the effects of intravaginal cream in women with chronic HPV infection. This projects resides on its pre-IND stage. Phase I clinical trial can begin late fall 2017 with the acquisition of further funding. It is anticipated we can obtain clinical results in 15 months. Upon completion, we will initiate a Phase II trial that will require 18 months to complete.