TriCurin™ – a Plant-Based Therapeutic for HPV Infection

  • Plants are source of potent & unique phytochemicals used in Traditional Medicine for centuries
  • Using modern science technology, an extensive database search was done to identify & testing compounds with anti-HPV & anticancer properties
  • Tricurin is composed of curcumin and 2 other plant compounds in stoichiometric proportions

Our Approach

To overcome the inherent problems with delivery of plant polyphenols, new approach was devised, selecting plant molecules that chemically arrange themselves in a manner that not only enhances each other’s biologic functions, but also improves their stability.
TriCurin is composed of plant derived components designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA. It has a unique composition with one compound serving as a main “active” agent and two others as a “transport platform” for drug delivery.
In preclinical studies, TriCurin inhibits the expression of the viral oncoproteins E6 &E7, which is essential for the proliferation of HPV-infected cells, and increases the expression of P53 & Rb, potent suppressors of tumors. Using In addition, TriCurin has shown to be non-toxic to healthy tissue.


TriCurin™ Formulations

Topical TriCurin will be made available as cream for intravaginal application (cervical lesions) and a topical treatment of skin and external genital warts.

Our medicinal TriCurin lollipop will be available for the prevention of head and neck cancers and for the treatment of oral HPV infection.

Intra-lesional TriCurin is being studied for direct intensive intra-tumor treatment