Innovene Therapeutics is developing, a new class of therapeutics derived from plant compounds that have the potential to treat oncogenic and non-oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes. It has been estimated there are approximately 14 million new HPV infections annually and that the cost to the US healthcare system is in the billions to diagnosis and treatment HPV associated diseases each year. TriCurin™ could fulfill one of the largest unmet medical needs.

TriCurin – a Plant-Based
therapeutic for HPV infection

TriCurin is composed of plant derived components designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA. It has a unique composition with one compound serving as a main “active” agent and two others as a “transport platform” for drug delivery.

Program T-HPV 001

Program T-HPV 001  –  will confirm the clinical efficacy of TriCurin™  HPV infection  & HPV (+) tumors  (cervix, oral, anal, penile).
Our first phase I clinical trial will study the effect of intravaginal TriCurin™ cream in women with cervical HPV infection.  (start date, fall 2017)

Our Team

Mario Castellanos, MD
Mike Wassil
Alia Kozlova, PhD
Anita Szerszen, DO